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Geocaching: Family Fun in Nature


Did you know there’s “treasure” hidden all around you? Next time you’re looking for a fun, family outdoor activity, consider geocaching! So, what are the basics of geocaching? How do you start your own family adventure? Plus, what do you need to know about geocaching etiquette to ensure the hunt is just as much fun for others in the future?

BONUS CONTENT: Learn some creative ways to work geocaching into your routine.

Episode Expert

Sonny and Sandy Portacio, Hosts of the Podcacher Podcast

Sonny and Sandy, ExpertsSonny, Sandy and Sean are known as Team PodCacher – a family geocaching team in Southern California. Sonny started geocaching in 2002 as “iTrax”, then married Sandy in 2004 and they became “iTrax and FoxTail”. In May 2008, baby Sean joined the family and they chose the name “Team PodCacher” to cache together as a family. Follow them on twitter @podcacher.


  • Johner Riehl (host)
  • Marital Status: married
  • Erin Esteves (producer)
  • Marital Status: married


Additional Resources

Geocaching.com | The Official Website

Podcaching.com | Sonny and Sandy’s Podcast


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