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Nursing In Public: Tips for a New Mom


Nursing is a relationship between mama and baby and is constantly changing and ongoing. Babies get hungry. Doesn’t matter where, when, or who’s around. Ellie and I had some hiccups in breastfeeding that caused her to be hungry almost constantly. We didn’t go out very often when she was little but when we did, we had to be prepared for her to be hungry.

I have learned a few tricks that have made nursing in public easier for us.  When leaving the house, I would always wear two shirts. The bottom layer was usually a tank top and used it to cover my belly and to pull down and the other was usually a t-shirt that I would pull up. It kept me covered no matter where we were. I never used a cover because I think breastfeeding cover-less only helps normalize breastfeeding. Trying to breastfeed a newborn is hard enough without fiddling with something else.

I’ve nurse Ellie in Target, Ikea, at a middle-school music concert, on an airplane, on a college campus, at the farmer’s market, in restaurants, in stores, and anywhere else we go!  I have nursed Ellie is a ring sling, an Ergo, and a mei tai. Ellie has had multiple comfortable nursing positions and her current position is straddling my lap so she has access to both sides. It’s works out very well when out and about and having somewhere to sit.

I love nursing Ellie and love when people ask me how it’s going, have I had any trouble, and any other questions. I think breastfeeding in public should not be a scary situation and I am saddened when I hear that other nursing mothers have been given grief about it. Being prepared is what made our experience successful and hopefully these tips and a few encouraging words will help a new mom try breastfeeding in public with her little one.

About Anna and Beth

Anna and Beth have been together for over 11 years and welcomed their first baby, Ellie, into the family on 1/14/12. Beth carried Ellie to 38wks when Ellie arrived early quite by surprise. Anna works at a university and Beth is a nanny which allows her to keep Elie with her. They like to spend their time mystery shopping, watching HuluPlus and Netflix, visiting with family, Goodwill and consignment sale shopping, making their own laundry detergent, hand soap, lotion, and deodorant, and just being a family. Beth loves writing about pregnancy and breastfeeding and Anna is quite the parenting expert. They both enjoy staying up to date with news and groups discussing these topics.

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kc says:

I was the same! 2 shirts are the best! My friends called me the stealth-nurser bc they never knew! I always ended up flashing someone with a nursing cover!