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Postpartum Depression: A Guide for New Dads


The day has come when you finally become a father. It’s easy to become overwhelmed when your world is suddenly turned upside down- and sometimes those feelings evolve into paternal postpartum depression. So, what are some of the triggers of PPPD? What are some of the symptoms and how is it treated?

Our Expert

Dr. Danny Singley, Psychologist and Director at http://www.newdadsclass.com

Danny is a consultant and licensed clinical psychologist specializing in men’s issues as well as a father of two young children. Teaching classes for new fathers is a natural fit for him because Danny loves teaching, working with men in a “guy-friendly” way, and was a new dad just a few years ago. Danny lives in San Diego and his professional duties include a private practice involving psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and groups as well as research consulting with a variety of organizations. He is also currently the Chair of the San Diego Psychological Association’s Men’s Issues Committee and the Chair Elect of the American Psychological Association’s Section on Positive Psychology. In his free time, Danny enjoys surfing, scuba diving, reading, and taking his kids on hikes to places where they can get dirty and throw rocks.


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