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Postpartum Depression: A Guide for New Moms


You recently had a baby. Time has passed, but life with your little one isn’t the joyous life experience you expected. Are you struggling with postpartum depression? What warning signs should you be looking for? At what point should you seek help and what are your options?

Our Expert

Dr. Katie Hirst, Family & Preventative Medicine, Psychiatry and Pediatrics

Dr. Katie Hirst grew up in Northen California and moved to San Diego for medical school at UC San Diego. She trained in Psychiatry and Family Medicine and founded the UC San Diego Maternal Mental Health Clinic in 2007. She treats women who are suffering from depression, anxiety and other emotional issues during pregnancy and delivery. Dr. Hirst also serves as Education Coordinator for Postpartum Health Alliance, where she coordinates trainings on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders around San Diego. Dr Hirst also loves being a mother to her two little girls, 4 and 1 year old.


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