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For most parents, diapers are a necessity. We changed between 6-8 diapers every day for every child, which is quite an investment. So, what are your options? How do you chose what’s best for your family? And what about baby wipes? Whether you prefer disposable, cloth or some sort of hybrid, we’ll help you get to the bottom of this diaper dilemma.

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Heather McNamara, Director of the Real Diaper Association

Heather McNamara is a mother of two in San Diego, California. Starting with the Real Diaper Association as the San Diego County Real Diaper Circle Leader (which continues to thrive), she caught the cloth diaper advocacy bug. A year later, she signed on as the RDA’s first Executive Director, where she’s able to work regularly with the leading cloth diaper advocates in North America AND hundreds of passionate, dedicated grassroots volunteers who are helping families in their communities find and use reusable cloth diapers. This is Heather’s fifth “career”, with previous stints including project management, software quality assurance, nonprofit chapter management, and teaching, during which she developed many of the skills she uses at Real Diaper Association today.



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