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The Number One Tip For New Dads


New dads and parents are constantly learning new things about raising their baby.

Many seek out tips through religious examination of the What to Expect books, weekly BabyCenter e-mails or the latest ParentSavers podcast (shameless plug). Friends and relatives are usually quick to offer unsolicited advice, some of which is hilariously bad, like when my wife’s grandmother suggested we dip the baby’s pacifier in sugar or give the baby a little whiskey to go to sleep.  And some things new parents learn are borne out of experience, like figuring out how to place a washcloth over baby’s nether regions during diaper changes to prevent getting peed on, again. We’ve even contributed a few tips for new dads ourselves. But we left out our favorite new dad tip of all.  And it might be the most important.

So what’s my number one tip for new dads?  What’s the best thing a new dad (or any dad) can do once they have kids?

Buy your wife flowers on your kid’s birthday.

That’s the tip, and believe me it’s a good one. It’s something I tell all our friends that are new dads. It’s something my wife tells all our friends that are new dads, which I think underscores how good of a tip it is.

There are a number of reasons why I like to call this my number one new dad tip. For starters, your wife did a LOT of work that day your baby was born, not to mention the nine months leading up to the day.  While everyone focuses all their attention on the kid, the truth is that mom played a pretty integral role in the event, and she even remembers it! And hopefully this isn’t the first place you’re hearing this, but girls really like to get flowers.  It’s true. Remember when you used to give them to your wife when you were dating? And remember what that often led to?

But even more importantly, and the reason why this is such a good thing to do for new dads, is that your relationship with your wife is the reason why you’re in this whole baby situation in the first place, and while it’s easy to get wrapped up in the day-to-day survival mode of everything, any gestures you can do to remind her how much you love her and how beautiful she is will be much appreciated and are imperative for the health and stability of your relationship.

Your wife has gone through a lot, and she’s been on a roller coaster of emotions after baby arrives, so getting her flowers helps show her that you are thinking of her and how much she has done for the family, even on a day that’s supposedly all about your kid. Baby’s birthday is such a great excuse to do something for the woman you love, and on an occasion where she might not be expecting it. Well, except after you do it the first time. Then she’ll not only be expecting it for all future birthdays, but will also be looking forward to it and bragging about it to her friends.

Happy Birthday indeed!

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